Chaperone Volunteer Request - FULL EVENT (36 Hours)

Chaperones are the general volunteer. Parents make great chaperones! Must be at least 25 years of age (not 25 yet? be a mentor!) Must be able to pass a background check Must be available for at least one 4-hour time block Experience in coding/programming preferred, but not necessary :)

Scrum 1: 7/21 8am-12pm

Start: Fri Jul 21st 8:00am

End: Fri Jul 21st 12:00pm

Scrum 2: 7/21 12pm-4pm

Start: Fri Jul 21st 12:00pm

End: Fri Jul 21st 4:00pm

Scrum 3: 7/21 4pm-8pm

Start: Fri Jul 21st 4:00pm

End: Fri Jul 21st 8:00pm

Scrum 4: 7/21 8pm-12am

Start: Fri Jul 21st 8:00pm

End: Sat Jul 22nd 12:00am

Scrum 5: 7/22 12am-4am

Start: Sat Jul 22nd 12:00am

End: Sat Jul 22nd 4:00am

Scrum 6: 7/22 4am-8am

Start: Sat Jul 22nd 4:00am

End: Sat Jul 22nd 8:00am

Scrum 7: 7/22 8am-12pm

Start: Sat Jul 22nd 8:00am

End: Sat Jul 22nd 12:00pm

Scrum 8: 7/22 12pm-4pm

Start: Sat Jul 22nd 12:00pm

End: Sat Jul 22nd 4:00pm

Scrum 9: 7/22 4pm-8pm

Start: Sat Jul 22nd 4:00pm

End: Sat Jul 22nd 8:00pm

Special Add-ons